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Restaurant Design & Planning

At Gateway Restaurant supply we know that having a space that is functional and esthetically pleasing is essential for a successful restaurant or food services operation. 

Our kitchen design services ensure your restaurant has an exceptional kitchen that flows and work efficiently and creates an atmosphere that is customer and staff friendly. We follow a rigorous, well-thought out planning and restaurant design process to ensure your restaurant and kitchen design meets your vision, functionality and budgetary requirements. 

We have more than 25 years of experience, in restaurant and kitchen design and have planned all kinds of food services facilities including restaurants, caf├ęs, cafeterias, assisted living facilities, institutional food service facilities, church kitchens and more.

The restaurant design and kitchen design planning process

  1. Initial interview - We discuss the site, dimensions, architect, sub-contractors, menu, and restaurant equipment and how it all works in relationship to your concept and vision.

  2. Drawings - It usually only takes a few days to deliver the first preliminary drawing along with a proposal of furnishings, and equipment cost. Upon customer satisfaction a Design Agreement is signed.

  3. Changes - Changes are made at no additional charge and in most cases the design plan reaches completion in only one or two revisions.

  4. Finished Restaurant Design Drawings - Upon approval of the design drawing, mechanical drawings are then provided.
        a. Equipment Specifications  
        b. A food service plumbing point of connection plan
        c. An electrical point of connection plan
        d. A specification book
        e. A wallbacking plan

  5. Fee - As stated in Design Agreement if a buyer purchases all of the specified restaurant equipment in the proposal the design fee is waived.

Once we complete a kitchen design for you, we take it the next step. Our professional, expert staff handles all the installation, delivery and ongoing maintenance. It's just part of our hands-on approach to ensure you receive a well-executed solution that supports your ongoing success.